The Indianapolis 500: our family’s get-together-and-drink holiday. We have a few of these each summer. It was so hot I knew that I wouldn’t be able to drink much so I only had some jello shots. Don’t worry, my mom makes them extra strong for whatever reason.
Here is Brad (the hubby) and I in our wonderful .. and sunny .. seats in Turn 2!!!
This was pre-drenched in sweat.
And I know a certain someone who will be proud of my hubby for drinking this chug-a-lug!!! Great beer in a nice, cool container..
.. and can also be doubled as an ice pack.
Here is a visual of just how hot it was. One of the girls that came with us had her boyfriend cut off her jeans to make shorts because she was sooooo hot. In their defense (for wearing jeans), we were in the shade of Turn 1 every year until this year and nobody warned them we were going to be in direct sunlight.
And the Kardashian’s were even there.
And here is my boyfriend in the back seat (you know, Mark Wahlberg) .. DROOL!!!
The fighter jets that flew overhead.
I don’t know about anyone else but the only parts of the race (if you are there) that are interesting are the crashes and the winner. We just go to bet, drink and watch for crashes. Well, I do anyways. At the Indy 500 there are lots of crashes.
Most of the crashes this year (except the one on the last lap) were on Turn 2 which just so happened to be where our seats were at. 🙂
Hamilton didn’t get the memo that you aren’t supposed to crash on the FIRST LAP. Meh..
It was a record-breaking year for the Indianapolis 500. Hottest race day .. ever they said. I think it was 96 degrees in Indy and a whopping 136 degrees on the track. We felt every second of it. In cases like this, it is vital that you hydrate with anything cold you can get your hands on. Jello shots for everyone!!
Also each year I learn a new lesson..
Year 1 – Don’t wear flip flops because it is a LONG walk from the car to your seats. Plus lots of people step on your feet (or spill Margarita on them).
Year 2 (this year) – Wear socks that are big enough to cover the back of your ankles. On that note, always bring band-aids for the walk back. And while it’s fresh in my mind .. always ALWAYS bring enough water. Those kids selling cold water for $1 sure looks tempting on the 30-minute hike back to your car.