Brad and I have spent the last week trying to figure out exactly how to fix this problem:
Notice that the grout line in the middle is the perfect shade of grey (that we picked out) and the others are almost pure white. The bag of grout had the grey color on it but it is drying white. I really am miffed about the whole thing, but you live and you learn from your (or others) mistakes. I recently visited The Tile Shop in order to figure out what I could do besides dig this up and re-grout. They sold me some gel that is colored and also seals the grout lines. Although it will be pretty tedious to paint the grout lines of our 500-square-foot kitchen and pantry, at least we saved a lot of money by doing it ourselves!
Edit: Brad decided that he wanted to just do all-new grout so instead of going to Lowe’s (where we got the Maipei grout that is AWFUL) we went to Home Depot and the color matches perfectly!!! A friend of his at work has a tool that vibrates and saws away the existing grout; similar to a cast removing saw. It will take us another week or two but it will be worth it to DO IT RIGHT! =)
Also here is the most updated picture of our Bradford Pear and the grass (and lovely weeds) we planted back on Easter weekend!!
It looks great! I think we have less weeds now because we put some kind of Weed & Feed down. Looks fantastic!
And for the final update .. drum roll please ..
Okay, well it wasn’t the biggest announcement ever but I am so glad to be almost done with the front yard landscaping! Soon my mom will come and take the other plants but I am keeping them in the ground until she does. Most recently I put that little dark-green round bush on the left side. Also, I trimmed our huge front-yard tree (I think it is an oak or elm tree). Everything looks much better! If you didn’t already notice, we did put our wicker furniture out, too. I am loving our “home” more and more each day.