I chose to name my blog The Simple Things for a reason …

That man interviewing and the pictures of the house with the huge tree in it is my dad and his house. I am really thankful for the simple things in life and especially those that seem to be miracles. Normally at the time of this storm my dad and step-mom would be in bed, but they had some friends over and kept them up later than normal. I am so grateful for his friends and that my dad was smart enough to start to move people to the basement. I am also thankful that someone above was looking out for them and kept the rest of the house structurally sound so they could wait it out.

After the tree service people left (the first time) and got the big tree out of my dads house, I took some more pictures:

This was the back of my dad’s house where the tree landed. That window is their master bedroom.
You can’t see it from this picture but it broke the deck/walkway down to the dock. It also broke the railing.
The damage in the back yard .. knocked bricks out of place and gutters off the house.
This was the tire marks from the crane (that couldn’t even lift the tree it was so huge and heavy) and the chopped up tree when they were done. It is a walnut so they said if they could salvage large strips of it, it would be worth thousands of dollars, but they couldn’t because it was so heavy.
This is my dad’s master bedroom! See the window broken? And where the drywall is hanging down it was POURING rain onto the floor.
This insulation was EVERYWHERE .. even in the rest of the upstairs that didn’t get affected. Why so much insulation, you ask? Oh because they paid BIG BUCKS this past winter to double up their insulation to save on heating costs.
On a lighter note, here is a wonderful picture of my dad and step-mom that I am so incredibly grateful to still have in my life: