This past weekend I needed to get away. Get away from stress, house updating, landscaping, and just life in general. I like to live vicariously through people so I went up north to my friend Angie’s parents house on a lake. We had a wonderful time and her parents were a riot.
Mom: “You aren’t going anywhere young lady. There are tornadoes coming!!”
Angie: “Umm mom, I am 28 years old!”
Mom: “Doesn’t matter!! You can wait here until it blows over.”
It was a good time, except the crazy storms we had to wait out.
Why is this guy standing on the BOTTOM of his boat? Sailing looks dangerous!
Swans (yes I took pictures of EVERYTHING)
ANGIE!!!!! We went on a wonderful boat ride around the lake. It was soooo relaxing!!
Love this action shot! This is one of the coolest cats I know.
It felt great to get away and not have to think about my life and focus on relaxing. In doing so, I actually got 2 chapters read in a period of two days… haven’t gotten any since. 45 hour work weeks, house projects and watching my nephew has consumed just a teensy bit of my time.