I know you remember slip-n-slides from when we were kids. Well, at Target they sell them for $5 for a small one. $5 is MY kind of slip-n-slide. It even came with sprinklers (aka holes poked in the side).
Also my nephew that is staying with us for a few days came equipped with water balloons. I had to tie them all for him .. that is, until I accidentally popped one in my lap while tying it. Not as fun but did feel good with all the heat. 😉
After slip-n-sliding and water balloons we made Oreo Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies. DELICIOUS!
Brad looks thrilled. Haha. Elijah keeps asking about him, too. I think he just hasn’t gotten over the shyness with Brad yet.
So that’s my nephew. He lives in Miami and Brad and I are jealous but he says he wants to live here because it’s not as hot. I don’t blame him for that, but Brad’s ideal city is Miami after all; no snow.