So today my friend directed me towards an interesting website where you can purchase “tame foxes” for an oh so reasonable $6,000. Yes, you read that right. FOXES. TAME. Just look at their cute faces!!
Now who wouldn’t want to adopt a seriously cute .. and “tame” .. baby fox. Ohhh say beacuse THEY GROW UP!
And just so you know how to care for your fox, here are some tips from the website:
1. Foxes can live outside or inside.They need shade from excessive heat and rain. A bed or blanket is nice, but optional.
2. Inside your house, they will snuggle on a bed like a cat.
3. Grown foxes should consume approximately 1–1.5 pounds of food per day.
4. Foxes can also be trained to use a litter box.
5. You can walk your fox on a leash.
So how would you react to seeing someone walk a fox on a leash down your street? I honestly am not sure if this is a real website or a hoax (kinda like Whale Watching on Lake Michigan). At any rate it’s quite entertaining.
All photos were taken from the aforementioned website.