For Fathers Day this year, Cato and I went to watch another one of Brad’s baseball games in ridiculously hot weather. It was so hot I went to Trader Joes across the street and got ice cream for everyone. I also wore my swimming suit and cover-up because I thought I was going to go to my dads at the lake for some water fun. Well that didn’t happen because it was so hot and I was exhausted by the end of the day.
Here is the absolute most adorable little three-year-old in the universe, Lincoln. He really loves to play with my dog and is the cutest little thing ever. He is the kind of kid that makes you want to have kids so it’s pretty dangerous when I babysit him. 😉
Here is an example conversation with Lincoln:
Lincoln “Can I have another cookie?”
Me “I think these cookies are for your parents Lincoln.”
Lincoln “Well .. maybe probably they aren’t.”
See what I mean?! It’s even cuter in person because he is so calm; very much unlike any other toddler I know.