Other than going to baseball games and quitting my job (future post later), what have we been doing lately? I finally got rid of the over-bearing tiger lillies underneath the tree in our front yard. I think it looks tremendously better! Now if we could just clean out the garage .. hmm.
And no that is not our car, it’s a rental. It is a brand-new Ford Focus and it’s seemingly a nice car but there are still parts that are broken or not as nice as my old 2003 Corolla. Brad’s truck is in the shop (AC went out, third summer in a row) and so they gave me that to drive. Not too shabby.
Anyhow .. back to the yard! We installed these amazing solar panel lights in the front that we bought for our previous house (on clearance at Target) and never put them in and when we decided to move, we decided to keep them for our new place. Good thing, too, because they look great .. especially at night.
Also my sunflowers are growing HUGE!!! You can already see where the sunflower is about to bloom .. any day now!
And welcome to my sad excuse for a garden. I told you that I don’t really have a green thumb and here is living (or dying) proof.
The two things on the top left that actually look half alive are strawberry plants I got from my friend’s garden that is THRIVING. There are two more below them but they are a beautiful brown color. Then, I planted a bunch of cucumer seeds and they came up .. until the heat killed almost all of them. Earlier in the summer I planted a rasberry plant where all the leaves died and shriveled off, then it came back to life and bloomed new green leaves. After a week or two, those died and shriveled as well. Phooey! Despite all of that, our tomato and jalapeno plants are doing okay. They are hanging in there so far.