So I continually use our downstairs half bathroom, especially when working from home. Washing your hands used to be a huge hassle here because there was nowhere to hang a hand towel. I solved that problem!
And since I got new hardware for the faucet and the towel ring, I obviously couldn’t ignore the TP holder! I moved it and patched the wall where the old one was anyways since it was loose and continued to fall off on random occasion.
Well that is it for our half bathroom. There is nothing else to do but replace the mirror (that is perfectly in tact .. so no thank you) and install a white cabinet for storage which might come much later down the road.
As for product review on these items, I would not suggest them. They are from Target and were very cheaply made. They look great but the hardware that comes with them is impossible to use. Thankfully my husband is handy and keeps all kinds of extras around the house so we had the necessary tools to fix it. All in all it was a $25 purchase so it was well worth the money in my opinion.
Kitchen Update: We have finally found a grout that is the right color and are in the process of removing the old grout and replacing it with the new. So far our entire kitchen and pantry is grouted correctly. We just have the eat-in dining area to do and then we’ll be done.