Within the past week or so I have done a ton of landscaping. I think it’s some kind of disease my mom gave me. At any rate, I have almost finished completely. That feels good to say (or type)! I have completely removed all the tiger lillies below this tree in our front yard. Now you can see our house from the street. Amazing! Also, in the back there was not really any landscaping against the house but I wasn’t sure what I wanted there. I replanted some bushes that halfway died and then I bought two new ones that I’ve never seen before (but are so incredibly soft).
You can kind-of see the little patch up near the house.
So beautiful!!! I just hope that all my hard work pays off and next year there will be less to do. The good news for now is that I am not as pale/ghostly/Casper white as I was at the beginning of the summer. Thanks to it being so sunny I have a minor “tan” .. if you want to call it that.