Well as you all (all five of you that probably stopped reading this) have seen in previous posts, I have officially left my job as of today! It has been a long time coming even though I have only been there since October of 2008. It was my very first job right out of college; a big-girl job. I thought I was so lucky to have stumbled upon this job and that I actually had a future invested in this company. I was so wrong.
You see, although the pay and benefits were amazing (and by amazing I mean phenomenal), it still didn’t make the horrible job I had any better. There is no amount of money in the world that would allow me to go back to doing telephonic health coaching. I had no interactions with other people .. even at “work” since I worked from home. My bestie was Cato, my dog. Trust me, I loved that part of the job; being able to see Cato 24/7. I just hated what I did at work. I felt like I wasn’t making the difference I wanted to be making. Protocols changed literally daily. Management had no idea who was in charge. We constantly got emails every 10 minutes yet we were expected to stay on task. They lost clients and blamed it on us being behind (when what was really the culprit was not enough coaches to handle the client load).
So good-bye WebMD! It’s been nice knowing you, but we shall part ways now and I will not miss you. Hey, I’m being honest right!?

So long and good night! This picture is on my honeymoon. Notice the inconspicuous WebMD shirt I have on. 😉

So what am I going to do, you ask? I really don’t know. I applied for an Exercise Specialist position with a local hospital (part-time, benefitted) a while back and they emailed to say they weren’t filling the position. Then late last week I did an impromptu phone interview with them because they were allowed to finally fill the position. The hours will be PERFECT for when I go back to OTA school next May and I really want this job. They only phone interviewed 7 out of 40 applicants. Also, he called back Monday to schedule an interview for later today and said they are only calling back their top 2 qualified applicants for a formal interview. I NEED to nail this! More details to come if I do get the job. Cross your fingers, pray, anything to help me out!