FINALLY! I got my new computer in the mail today. First things first, I got on Facebook. Secondly, I had to update my blog! 😉 I have such wonderful priorities (i.e. my homework in my TWO online courses are due tonight and I haven’t read a thing). Since our BlueRay player is fixed now I get the feeling I might not be submitting too good a quality of work this week. Haha.
Anyways, we have done a few little updates since I am tired of our master bedroom being unusable and ugly. We got these gorgeous curtains (that we later found out don’t match our bedspread at all…). I love them. We had to get FOUR since our windows are 10 feet in length!!!
I love the hardware we got. The rod is 1 inch thick and then you can pick out your own decorative ends and just screw them on. I love that just in case I get antsy one day and decide I don’t like these.
Looks great with the windows open now! It’s so soothing in the morning not having the sun glare into the bedroom. Also the birds chirpping doesn’t bother me nearly as much! The curtains have a thick backing and are made to deacrease sounds and light. They work!
Also we have been using our guest shower since we moved in .. in February. So 5 months later I suppose we finally got the motivation to attach our shower head and install a new shower caddy.
We got a normal one to hang from the shower head but it definitely didn’t work with the pull-out shower head. Oh well, I like this one better since it has so much room in it!