So right after I turned in my computer last Friday, I realized that I forgot to finish writing this post. Oh well.
Here is a picture of our backyard. It is surrounded by a cornfield and once in a while the farmer comes and does strange things (that myself, as a city girl can never understand). So this one side of our yard has soybeans in it this year .. I think.
I also wanted to take the time to tell everyone about BabyBel Cheese! It comes in a cutesy little package and in many different forms (cheddar, etc) and is perfect with pretzels (or any other little treat I suppose). Here is a cute little picture of the wax package it comes in because it’s just that cute!
Here is Cato trying to eat the pretzel I gave him…
OH yummie! Thank you for the prezel!
Nom nom nom ..
Mommey it taste funny! I don’t like it. Can I have some CHEEESE!?
And then I made some rice krispie treats for my work buddies and they turned out FANTASTIC. I’m surprised Brad didn’t eat them all (although he kept asking for more..).