This past weekend we went up to St. Joseph, Michigan (aka Whirlpool City) and hung out with one of Brad’s roommates from senior year of college. Good times!
Here we are at one of their local bars.
And I stepped in gum on the way out. Not cool. Of course I thought of this BRILLIANT idea at the time to just stick papertowels to my shoe in order to prevent it from sticking to the ground when we were walking back to the car.
It was a great idea at the time …
Anyways then we ALL wanted Taco Bell (along with the rest of the town) and I am thinking we waited a good 45 minutes. FOR TACO BELL! It’s the only one in town and it was right after all the bars closed.
It was so classy we even saw some girls going through the drive-thru in a cab. LMAO! I guess when you really want Taco Bell, you really want it.
We went to the beach the next day and I had to hear Lady Gaga’s Alejandro like 5 billion times .. with base .. at 800 decibles. That was the least fun of the entire trip but it was fun to play frisbee in the water on the beach .. that is, until we burnt like lobsters!
Cups? Who needs cups?!
Then we waited 2 hours for fireworks on Sunday night. They were really late. I guess I didn’t realize how lenient Indiana laws are. In Michigan you can’t set off any fireworks that leave the ground. CRAZY!
Hope everyone else had a great 4th holiday!!!