Unfortunately (or fortunately..) our refridgerator stopped working the other day. Instead of getting it fixed and keeping a fridge that we really do not like, we decided it was time to purchase! Off to HHGregg we went. We got a stainless steel Maytag french-door refridgerator. I absolutely love it!
I loooooove it! It is even magnetic on the front, which I have heard not a lot of stainless appliances are. =) Also I love the huge freezer at the bottom and the fact that we can now fit an ENTIRE box of pizza in our fridge!! Brad was sold on the deli drawer in the bottom of the fridge and the can/bottle holders on the left inside door.
Well since we were there getting a fridge, Brad wanted to look at dishwashers since we were going to replace ours soon anyways. I swear it was ALL his idea!! Well we ended up getting the model we have been looking at for quite some time. I think he just didn’t want to hook it back up himself. 😉
Remember my love for Bosch dishwashers? I texted Brad at work when the delivery/installer left and said I was going to kiss it. He said, “Save some for me.” HAHA!
Well all in all I absolutely think that we got great appliances. Do I think we overpaid? OF COURSE! Whirlpool employees (including Maytag brand) get 50% off all appliances. FIFTY!! A friend of ours works there and I about peed my pants when I heard that. That is just how overpriced these suckers are. Soooo I am keeping our old dishwasher that works perfectly fine and selling on Craigslist.