Remember my Sunflower Success story? Well those days are long gone. I have read everywhere and heard from friends that you don’t need to tend to the sunflowers until fall so I have been letting them grow and bloom and look beautiful. That was, until one day I found this:
The gajillion birds that unfortunately hang out around our house have found my sunflowers and not only are picking out the pollen (which I am told is the part they really like) but the seeds as well! So to prevent them from further damaging this sunflower, I decided to just cut it off and dry it out for seeds for next year.
I think the seeds are pretty salvagable although I would have liked to see how big it would get. These damn’d birds are getting on my last friggin’ nerve!!
Just look at my beautiful sunflower! Well, it used to be beautiful. I have been consistently checking on the sunflowers every few days to make sure the birds are staying clear and they are only picking the pollen right now. Once they start stealing my seeds again, I will put pantyhose on the tops to prevent further damage. I read about being able to do that online.