So I decided tonight that after an entire day of finishing our grout in the kitchen (since I don’t have a j.o.b. and I am tired of looking at it unfinished) that I deserved a night out to dinner. I usually hate to and feel extremely guilty spending all that money whey I could be using it on other things. Anyways, I heard about a fantastic pizza place near my house from KJPugs and just had to go.
On a side note, my husband and I absolutely despise thin crust pizza so we were a little skeptical because they are traditional (sicilian??) Italian pizza’s. Pizzology did NOT disappoint. It was surprising what amazingly great music they played and how delicious (yes, the thin-crust) pizza was!
I think we have found a new place to take out of town friends to. This place was phenomenal! We really love our pizza sauce so we got the Homemade Sausage pizza. We had no leftovers from this 13-inch pizza. Don’t judge! Just go there!!
Afterwards I remembered that they had desserts. Oh boy do they .. We got the strawberry gellato and it was the best dessert ever!!!
So I took all these amazing photo’s with my iPhone 3G that I recently got for my b-day (and beacuse my old phone bit the dust .. conveniently just in time). Well if any of you know iPhone, you know that it spell checks and replace words for you. I typed in “gellato” and it replaced it with “fellacio” because apparently it doesn’t recognize phenomenal ice cream but can identify a BJ. Here is the proof: