We have a few extra guest bedrooms and one of them had a hideous blue painted on the walls. Not only that but there was a stencil of a scary, mean, and evil-looking dragon painted on as well. Can we say creepy?! Anyways I had some extra paint from painting downstairs in the family room and decided it was time to cover up the dragon because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone having nightmares.
The best part about this story is that when I went to the paint store (to buy a small amount for an accent wall), the guy recognized me since I practically live there. I told him that I was covering up a dragon painted on the walls of our guest bedroom and he said, “A dragon? You mean like Puff the Magic Dragon?” OMG I about died laughing because when I hear the word dragon, Puff is not the first thing to come to mind. LOL
This used to be the dragon wall!! =)
It’s quite a bit more cozy in there. It feels great to have a room completed finally!!
And that little bitty TV is not hooked up to cable because none of the bedrooms (including the Master) have cable hookups. Irritating, but true. The only reason I have that little ugly TV is so I can watch video tapes since we don’t have a VCR. Remember those? Talk about back in the day.