5th Birthday as told by Cato …
First mommey took me to da doggie bakry and dey was like “he’s so cute .. what is he” but my mommey was cool and said dat I wuz prom de pound.  Den dey give me dah treet!!
Later mommey kep takin de pikshurs of my PUP CAKE and FINALLY gave it to me.
But I had to take a birfdae shot wif my Aunt Katie since it wuz her birfdae too. She wuz 19.
Well den mommey gave me duh PUP CAKE and kep takin all dese silly pikshurs.
Dee icing wuz de best!!
See, I wanted dee icing first.
Den it wuz all gone in mah bellie. It was a good day .. wish I had this birfdae thing every day!!