This past Saturday was one of my friends bachelorette parties (she is having one in town and one with her fiance in Vegas .. lucky). Well nobody knew that this weekend was the conclusion of the Indiana Black Expo. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not totally racist but there ended up being: an explosion, three shootings and ten people injured. That was all in one day and the entire time we were walking getting trampled downtown.
Now I said I wasn’t totally racist because people of a certain race don’t bother me; it’s when a group of forty ten-year-old girls are running full speed downtown and take half of the bachelorette party down to the ground that I have a problem with. It’s when people are shooting ten year olds and seventeen year olds for what was probably a terrible reason to begin with. It is also when people that were attending the IBE this weekend are in denial that these incidents had something to do with the people attending the expo. I also really have issues when I can’t walk down the streets of my own city or walk into my hotel without seeing about 50 cops carrying guns like this:

And it’s blurry because I was trying to be all nonchalant about taking the picture.

I had never seen so many cops in my ENTIRE LIFE!!
Soo on a side note, is it sad that I wanted to go up to the horses that some of them were riding and talk baby-talk to the horsies? They were adorable!!
At any rate this is the only picture I got from the party because we went to dinner, came back by an hour later and there was yellow caution tape all over the restaraunt.
We tried to walk to one bar, but the roads were closed. We tried to walk another way .. roads closed. They were only letting certain people even be on the streets if they had a certain hotel key for a hotel on that block. It was nuts!! It was so bad I couldn’t get my car out of the garage I parked in (from shootings in that area) so I had to call my husband at 11pm to come pick a bunch of us up since we were stranded. Unfortunately he couldn’t get to where we were because of road blockages but the cops kept telling us that the streets were open.. when in fact they were not. So we waited on the street corner .. umm looking like hookers .. smoking (yes, don’t give me crap about this, you would be smoking too) .. waiting for Brad to show up for an hour and a half!!
Finally I told him to park somewhere and stay there and we would walk to him. It was so scary that we were not going anywhere (not even inside the hotel) in groups of less than three people.
At one point in the evening we were gathered in the lobby of the hotel some of the party was staying at and we saw a huge group of teeny-bopper girls bombard the guard at the front of the hotel and he was trying to prevent them from coming inside because they didn’t have a room key. Well, needless to say, twenty preteen black girls overtook this little bitty scrawny white guy that couldn’t have been taller than 5 foot 3 inches.
Obviously not a good weekend for a bach party .. little did any of us know.
Obviously glad to still be alive after being on the same block as two of the three shootings while they were happening.