Warning: there is lots of randomness to this blog entry.
Since not having a job I have become quite bored. My husband said so .. just based on our checking account. It’s not that I’m spending more, but the things I spend it on are silly. QuiBids is one of them. I’m totally addicted to a good sale and this website is DANGEROUS! Seriously, if you have a gambling addiction or shopping addiction please do not click that link.
Also I have started begging Brad for a new puppy.
I sent him these pictures of this female chocolate lab I visited at Uncle Bill’s Pet Store and he said, “We have already tried labs.” LOL On a side note, I would NEVER buy a puppy at Uncle Bill’s and I hope they go out of business with the lack of water in the dog’s cages, the fact that they were almost all laying in their own feces and are probably puppy mill dogs. Well then I was on a mission to find a reasonably priced Great Dane puppy. No such luck there but I did find a woman that has dane pups for $750 down on the south west side of town. She said she has an 11-month-old fawn dane for only $200!!! The merle is my favorite color (grey, spotted) but the fawn’s are sooo adorable too (aka Marmaduke).
And here is my newly cleaned ring (just had to throw that in there) ..
Remember my crappy garden? Well there’s no change there, it’s still crappy. I did, however find one measly, tiny green tomato on it.
And no this isn’t a cherry tomato plant .. it’s a normal tomato plant unfortunately. I think the heat must have just taken it down. In years past when I have had a much more successful plant, it isn’t quite this .. umm .. brown.
Sad looking, I know.
Also I wanted to make myself accountable and start weighing myself and getting hip and waist measurements. My elliptical is my new BFF. My goal is to fit into a dress that I could wear 5 years ago and now is wayyyyy to tight to even THINK of zipping it up. My friend is getting married August 21, 2010 and I WILL fit into it by then! So everyone please hold me accountable!!!!
What I am thinking of doing is tracking my weekly: weight and circumferences. I also want to start tracking my food daily. I am pretty good about having smaller serving sizes (that is, unless it involves some sort of ice cream) but just eat too many different things in one day.
So starting tomorrow I will be starting my measurements and weight and food tracking. I will post every once in a while about it to give updates. Don’t worry, this blog won’t turn into Kelly’s Weight Loss Blog even though that would be great since I know a lot about it (having a degree and certification kinda helps). I am just like everyone else though .. no motivation to stick with it.
See how excited Cato is!! He can’t even stop dancing while I’m on the elliptical! Haha.
In all honesty though, he was more excited because I have been making it a habit to take him for a walk after I am done with the elliptical. It’s great for a cool-down!