Since there are a bazillion photo’s on this post I will make it short and sweet.
Ohh yeah baby .. sexy lenoleum.
This color truly reflects the grout and tile color the best (no flash).
Step-by-step progress:
Yeah we slowly did a little tiling at a time.
Now for the not-so-fun part, grouting…
It was obvious we did too much at once instead of small batches (like you are supposed to). We learned this the hard way.
The tile grout kept drying this stark white color and I was told that grout haze remover would help to clean it off. We found out later that it was the grout and not the haze. The grout was the WRONG COLOR .. different than it indicated on the bag.
That grey color is what it looked like wet (the old, wrong colored grout) but that is the color it was supposed to be dry.
Here is the grout haze remover I purchased. Didn’t do a damn thing. I highly recommend you NOT purchase this stuff.
So we ended up having to dig up all the old grout (luckily we only grouted half of the kitchen) but that took several weeks and set us back quite a bit.
And just for the record, we bought amazing grout that was easy to mix, apply and dried the correct color and we will continue to purchase it. We now get all of our grout from Home Depot.