Inspired by KJPugs.

Music: I like to listen to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and random ridiculously ronchy rap songs ONLY when I am by myself (or on the elliptical).

TV: I like Tosh.0 and Dexter but get addicted to random dumb shows like Scenes from the ER, or I didn’t know I was Pregnant.
Movies: I still watch all my Disney movies (yes, on VHS) once in a while when I want to feel young and innocent again. 😉

Magazine: I’m not much of a reader but I get WebMD magazine (thanks to my old crappy job) and Real Simple. Love both of those!
Online Game: I usually am blogging, on Facebook or doing homework. I have been known to do Sudoku on (our local newspaper). As for games at home, I still play Bop It and O’Henry (seriously if you have heard of O’Henry, please come over and play with me because I can’t find anyone who knows what the hell it is).

Clothing Trend: I gave into flats .. just in time for them to go out of style but I still wear them anyways. I’m still fighting leggins and skinny jeans ..

Books: I really don’t like to read unless it’s ridiculously interesting … aka Dan Brown books or Caesar Milan (yes, the Dog Whisperer).

Snack: I loooooooooove Keebler’s new Coconut Dream cookies (aka Girl Scout Samoa’s), but have only purchased them once. Too dangerous!