How did I do this past week? AWFUL isn’t even the word I would use. I went to the Brickyard 400 and drank my pounds back on. I had lost a good two pounds before that stupid race. Of course, I can’t just blame Montoya (seriously .. screw it up again why don’t you ..). I was very very bad with my eating and we ate out .. A LOT.
This week, even though my Aunt Flo is in town (not literally, but the girls know what I’m talking about), I will get back up and eat better so my weight loss isn’t 1/2 lb!!! GUH!
That’s probably just weight fluctuations too. =(
I am pretty proud of myself for getting on the elliptical more and more. I’m getting better with the exercise but food is just too gosh-darn’d delicious!! Also, I have been taking Cato to the dog park and it’s on 4 acres and we walk a few laps around it.
As for an update on my other numbers, besides weight…. FAILURE!
My waist went from 32 5/8 in to 33 3/4 in.
My hips went from 46 1/2 in to 46 3/4 in. (aka large-and-in-charge to gargantuan).
And because those numbers went up, so did my WHR.
Next week there WILL be positive results!!!!!!!