I have never been too keen on dog parks until recently. I feel bad that our beloved Cato is too dependant on me (vet told me so) and that he doesn’t get as much exercise as I think he should. The other week we decided to find him a dog park. Reasonably priced? I don’t think so. All of the parks we looked at in our county were $140 for a year … up front.
Not too bad if you actually go, but I was still worried about fighting or agression from other dogs.
So we did a day pass at this park and decided to get a membership because although there was an agressive dog, it was being contained (or at least the idiot owner was “attempting” to contain it). There was a labradoodle pup that was protecting its owner and any time another dog got too close to her, the dog would snap and chase the other dog away. She had NO IDEA what her dog was doing.
“OMG he’s never done that before!!” is what she said. Seriously she was totally blind to it!!
Anyways that dog I haven’t seen since .. thankfully.
There is a gazeebo for shade .. but mostly for parents to sit.
I love the action shot of Cato running. The park is 4 acres.
This is my favorite picture. If you can’t see it, his tongue is hanging out and ears are flopped up haha.
See how lazy he is? Taking the shortcut and just walking towards the dogs that are actually running.
 All in all it’s good for him to socialize and also to get some freedom from the leash that he loathes so much. He normally runs for a few laps, and then just wanders around sniffing the trees (obviously where the other dogs have peed). On the way home, he pants so fast I think he is going to choke on his own air.
That’s how we know it was a good day at the doggy park.
They also have a little pond but thankfully he is deathly afraid of water bc it’s a pretty dirty pond. The labs love it, however. 😉