We went to the Brickyard again this year (as I mentioned before in my unsuccessful weight loss post). Here were the normal events:
The track from our seats in section E, turn one.
Me and the hubs.
My little sister Katelyn and her boyfriend John.
My mom and her boyfriend Phil (who bought our $90 tickets!!!).
And here is Jimmy Johnson ..
.. and here is how Phil feels about Jimmy Johnson. HAHAHA.
Here is who I was rooting for because he SHOULD have won last year!! But he screwed himself over this year as well. Awesome.
Is it a man? Is it a woman? No need to decide. (Yes, I usually love to people-watch at races bc it’s so hilarious).
Nice hat .. you’re sitting in the shade, genius.
The fighter jets. Old lady beside me said, “Tell me when they fly over so I don’t miss it.” My response, “Trust me, you will hear them AND feel them. You won’t miss it.”
“Gentleman, start your engines!!” BTW she is seriously so old and it will be a very sad day in racing at the Indianapolis Speedway whenever she passes.
Who says, “I want to be that guy that stands on the race track while 26-ish cars race towards me? Not I!
The two favorites to win: Jimmy Johnson and my fav, Juan Pablo Montoya.
Pictures outside of our seats (right by the entrance) while my mom and I were napping during the boring part .. but when I missed Montoya’s crappy pit stop that put him wayy behind!!