Okay, okay so I may have been fibbing when I said that Cato was afraid of the water
I think it’s pretty obvious that he is warming up to it with all this heat we have been having here in the midwest. I think he was inspired by this boxer mix pup that was swimming like crazy.
He wasn’t the best swimmer but hey .. at least he was trying.
And even though I am glad Cato is warming up to the whole water idea, I still think it’s pretty gross when he tries to take a “mud bath” and eat the muddy water. Although it does provide LOTS of good entertainment when he rolls around in it!!
I’m so glad that Cato finally decided to get in the pond. I guess I’ll have to keep towels and shampoo in my car from now on .. crazy doggie!! šŸ˜‰

Hey .. don’t wash it off please. I like my mud mask. It’s good for the pores. ;P