… besides get in trouble!?

Haha, yup. I definitely am officially crazy (and bored out of my freaking mind). I felt like the front door was the only thing left to tile downstairs so I just had to do it!! Luckily for my hubs, all he has to do is cut the big tiles in half (corner to corner) for me and I will lay them, grout them, and do the quarter-round as well.

Oh and the best part is that it’s going to cost us a whopping $0.00 to tile. We already had a bunch leftover from the kitchen and extra adhesive and grout. Well, I guess the quarter-round will cost us about $8-16 or so. Sounds pretty decent for a tile job!!

And if you are wondering why I didn’t pull ALL of the flooring up, I don’t want the entry way to be as big as it was before so I am making it slightly smaller to be more square and look better.