The other day I was happily ripping crab grass out of our yard (good stress relief) when I noticed my weding rings were digging into my pinky finger. Quite uncomfortable. I decided then to go inside and take it off since it was hurting my ring finger too. Upon removing my gardening gloves, I noticed my ring finger wasn’t a normal fleshy color .. it was red and turning purple!!! It was also SUPER tight around my finger ..
So then I immediately tried to remove it but it was not budging; not even up and down my finger below the knuckle! It was completely stuck! I, of course, freaked out, texted my husband (not sure why because he was out of town), and drowned my finger in a cold ice bath.
No judgements on my short nails (I bite them, and yes I know it’s a bad habit) or the fact that they look really dirty (remember I was gardening before this happened).
At any rate it took me over 30 minutes to get it off and I was on the verge of going to either the hospital or Shane Co to have them cut it off. Who does that anyways?
Well I finally decided that maybe the weight loss isn’t happening fast enough for me to be able to wear them any time soon so I went to have it resized. I was completely embarassed .. not because I had to have it resized, but because I’m pretty sure I went up an entire size!! So now I can pick it up and have it to wear all the time (except gardening now) and can wear it on our cruise in 27 days!!