I know in the past Shane Company and I have had our differences but they always seem to “make it right”. My big issue with them is their quality of service. The sales staff is great but god forbid that your jewelry needs resized or cleaned or it breaks and needs repair. At that point, you might as well run over it with a For F650 (yes they do make them) and toss it in the river. You would have better luck (and not to mention less stress) getting rid of it rather than taking it back to Shane Co.
Obviously I am venting and need to get this off my chest.
I would highly recomment NOT using Shane Co for any of your jewelry purchses now or in the future! Why?
Because of the horrid service they provide. I ask them to do something, that they said they could do, and they do the complete opposite!
This is a picture of a necklace chain that I asked them to shorten to 16-inches.
I’m not a math genius but I’m pretty sure that’s the number 18 after 16 and 17 on that tape measure. (sorry I lost my camera and with the stress of this weekend I don’t feel like looking for it any more .. enjoy my iPhone pics)
So what happened? I DON’T FREAKIN KNOW MAN!!! I took my ring in recently to be resized so they did a good job there (who knows what size it really is though). I also brought in a necklace that Brad had bought for me a very long time ago while we were dating. It was right when the Journey pendants became popular and I really wanted one. Being the wonderful and thoughtful man that he is, he went to Helzberg Diamonds to get one for me.
A few weeks ago I was gardening and it broke right off (out of nowhere I might add) and it took me a good 20 minutes to find the pendant in our overgrown grass. I took it in with my ring and asked them to: 1-Fix the break in the chain, and 2-Shorten the length from 18 inches to 16 inches.
What do they do?
They replaced my original, thinner, chain with this gaudy Italian-mafia-looking chain that is obviously too large for my pendant and it was still 18 inches!! I was so furious I stormed out while the manager was still talking to me (asking me if I was okay, I said no, and she asked why..). Later I called to tell them how unhappy I was and that I discovered upon measuring the necklace that it was in fact not shortened as I paid them to do. On a side note, when they replaced the chain it came with a new clasp and this type of clasp is EXTREMELY (and by “extremely” I mean “impossibly”) hard to open and close so I can’t even wear the necklace.
She put me on hold several times after I had waited almost 8 minutes to speak to her initially so I finally hung up and she called back FOUR TIMES. The first two I did a pick up/hang up (or PUHU as we called it at WebMD .. LOL) and the second two she left a voicemail which I proceeded to delete without listening to them. I’m just done with them!! FOR GOOD! I don’t even want to remember the ring/soldering screw up from last year… ugh!