Enough with this negative crap!! I was told by my step brother (via Facebook) that I have been nothing but negative lately. Even though I’m sure he is joking, it’s really all I care to talk about.
I don’t have a job.
Naps suck.
I don’t feel well.
It’s too hot.
It’s too cold.
Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little bit with some of those, but I really feel negative lately. I can’t help but show it. On the positive side, though, I had two interviews for full-time positions yesterday so I am really hoping one of them pans out. My friend works at one place and she is the person they are replacing and she wrote me a one-page referral letter and I really think that helps give me an edge. I should hear back from them next week.
And a back story to this (and in reference to my weight loss) ..
My Bachelor’s Degree is in Exercise Science. Basically I have the knowledge to be a personal trainer if I wanted, but usually people do this degree as a prerequisite for Physical or Occupational Therapy grad school. I don’t wanna waste my time with that. I found a perfect position at a local facility as an Exercise Physiologist. It’s basically an “exercise tharpist”, if you will. PERFECT for me, since I love therapy and feel like exercise is a huge part of that. I am really really wanting this job!
The other job would be basically a knowledgeable and “glorified” personal trainer at a local gym. It’s a very respectable gym that I really love. Side note: Governor Mitch Daniels works out there… I’ve seen him (and his body guards) there. He literally does the elliptical for at least 1 hour every day. Crazy! Anyways, that job isn’t supposed to be filled until October. During the interview there, the managers were basically saying, “We really feel like exercise is such a huge part of our lives and we want all of our staff to mimic that behavior and basically practice what you preach.” They put it very gently in those words, but I knew they were really saying “we aren’t going to hire any fatty’s to be a trainer bc nobody will take you seriously.”
Sooo that kinda motivated me to get on the elliptical today and kill it. Which, of course, I did … and felt like I was drying. It will be worth it though. And here is what our backyard looked like after working out (hey, this post needed some pictures okay!?).
PS – I love storms .. too bad this one came and went in about 20 minutes.