Today is a good day. Brad has a half day, but is probably going to spend that extra time mowing the lawn and fixing our reverse osmosis system, unfortunately. I tried but I’ll admit it .. it’s either broken or it’s a man’s job (probably the former). Haha.
Last night Brad had a baseball game down at a local high school (far far away from where we live) and I was watching him stretch …
Now as an exercise/fitness specialist I really did have to ask him, “What exactly does that stretch?” His response was, “My shoulders .. and my back.” Your back eh? Hmmmm. Just thought it was funny and wanted to share.
On a less lighter note, I think my neighbor has declared war against me or something. Why don’t you cry about it to your mommy that comes over EVERY SINGLE DAY!? I think it’s quite hilarious though. I think he thinks that I was the one who called the city on him about his car that was rotting in his driveway without new tags .. for the past THREE YEARS! It really bothered me that he never drove it and just let the tags expire. It’s trashy when a car is rusting in the neighbor’s driveway. Was it me who called them? It could have been .. it could not have been. I will never tell!
Enjoy the view from my driveway? Me either!
Before I took the picture, I actually moved that gross-looking sign around because on the other side it says “Garage Sale —->” pointing to MY HOUSE! And this is the cleanest my neighbors yard has looked in a very long time!!! That toy has been sitting there since we moved in. That sign was previously laying in the middle of the street at the end of his driveway all week long. Classy!
I think that Brad and I have suddenly moved a 6-foot privacy fence to the top of our list of things that need to be done to the house! =D