A week or so ago I took my dog, Cato, to the vet’s office because I noticed that his bottom incisors (little baby-looking teeth) were wearing down .. almost to the gumline. I thought it just had to be painful and also he had chipped off his two teeth behind his K-9’s so I was really worried.
On a side note, he was chewing his metal cage while we were gone and so we stopped crating him while we are gone. He is older and doesn’t do anything but lay on the couch anyways.=)
So the vet said that he is really due for a teeth cleaning, $170.
And that he needs xrays to see which teeth need pulled, $100.
And if any teeth need pulled, then that will $cost more.
The only time Cato will make this snarling face and show his teeth is if you pull up his lips .. he’s just a big baby .. but don’t tell him that.
So we took him to get his teeth cleaned yesterday and WOWSERS!!! Look how clean and beautiful they look!!! Poor guy was in pain all night, whining but they said this morning he would be back to normal. AND HE IS!! I missed him so so so so so much and it was really boring around here without him.
He did not have to have any teeth pulled and they gave me the xrays for FREE because they asked me when I dropped Cato off if I wanted to be called before they did the xrays and/or teeth pulling and they checked the wrong box so I got no phone call. When they finally called at noon, they said, “He is all done, awake, and doing great!” I was obviously pretty shocked to hear that and briefly mentioned nobody called me, but since he didn’t have any teeth pulled, it wasn’t a huge deal. But hey, I saved $100!!!
Obviously you can see how excited he was for me to take pictures of his teeth. Haha! He actually got up from where we were laying in the loft, nudged our bedroom door open where my husband was taking a nap, and went right to sleep with “daddy” on his bed. He NEVER chooses daddy over mommy so he really must have been in pain and woozy from the meds!!