Remember I asked everyone how to grow a garden? I guess patience is the key .. that and a good fence (damn rabbits).
That is my cucumber plant that just out of nowhere started to thrive!!! I actually saved a bunch of seeds from the packet (since I only planted like 5 of them) for next year! I moved the fence from the tomato plant to the cucumbers since they are producing much better.
Just look at all those future pickles!!! Yes, I am planning on attempting to can them.
They aren’t itty bitty anymore!!! I bet in just 3-4 weeks at the most, these will be ready to be eaten!
And this is my jalapeno plant that I thought was dead/dying but it has one little one growing and another about to start. They will make for some TASTY salsa. That is my goal for next summer: to be able to make salsa from my garden without purchasing anything from the grocery. Of course next year I will have a fence around the ENTIRE garden because of this ..
That would be the result of my taking off the fence from the tomato plant to the cucumber plant. So my husband came up with a brilliant idea to build a short fence around the entire garden (which isn’t that big) and put in a little gate so I can go in and out to water or pick stuff. Not only will it keep out the rabbits, but it will also keep out Cato, the dog that likes to pee on everything but grass. Hahaha. BRILLIANT!! Now I can’t wait for next summer!!!