This past Sunday my husband had a mid-day baseball game (yes, they played in that ridiculous heat) and it was near my dad’s house so I drove on down for a visit. I needed to get on the lake!
Just look at my pushing-60-years daddy!! He did great!
So the water got pretty rough since it’s a smaller lake and another boat was tubing. For those of you that don’t know, tubing requires a slower speed around 18-20 miles per hour and makes MUCH bigger waves than if you were skiing.
There were a few times I should have fallen off but didn’t let go.
Today I am paying for it dearly as I can barely walk, I cry on the stairs (well, almost), and everything literally hurts except my toes.
After tubing the lake water calmed down a bit, just enough for me to attempt to ski. First time in like 8-10 years probably.
I gave it my best shot but unfortunately I was worn out from tubing and couldn’t stand up fast enough. And I don’t have that skiing blood my dad does. I was always the odd one out. My dad, step-mom and brother all learned to successfully slolem ski. Me? I was the kneeboarder of the family. I LOVE to kneeboard! I never got off two skis and if I had it my way, would only kneeboard.
BIG NEWS coming tomorrow so don’t go far!! šŸ˜‰