So we went to the Indiana State Fair this year. I try to go every year but it always comes at the busiest and hottest time of the year, August. Really people? Can’t you make it like early September or something? Anyways every year is an animal theme, this year is the Year of the Pig! Also the “thing” to eat was a hamburger with a whole Krispy Kreme doughnut as each of the buns. On a side note to that, I saw Paula Deen do that on her show once and Brad and I about puked. Sooo I think they stole the idea from her!! Here are some pictures of the random and disgusting food we saw there.
And one of them I just had to try (and if you do try something deep fried, DO NOT watch them make it .. trust me). I got sick all last night from nausea, fever and I was really hot. I blame the deep fried snickers!
So then we walked around and saw random things like GIANT pumpkins and gourds. That reminds me of Halloween and Thanksgiving, which is my absolute favorite time of the year!!!!!
We also ran across more food, which of course I had to try.. since I am obsessed with strawberries.
Brad tried one game and the guy sold me on it bc he said even if we didn’t win, he would give me a little stuffed dog!
Oh and did I mention that we live on the BEST side of town because the Fishers Train Station is right down the road from us and so we drove 10 minutes to the fair train and rode it downtown and back!! It was my first train ride so I had to get some pics and video.
And when we got home that little stuffed dog became Cato’s new toy of destruction. I name him Hank.