FINALLY I have something from my garden!! I also have two little jalapeno peppers that are a nice, dark green color!
Yes they are both from the same plant in my garden. Odd that one was perfect shape and color and the other well .. wasn’t. Oddly enough the one that turned out better was hanging from a tomato plant (converted into a cucumber plant) fence. The irregular one was laying flat on the ground. Good to know, though for next year.
Also, I went with my husband to his first playoff game for baseball on Sunday and guess what ..
.. I got a little burnt. I blame the weather! It was dark, chilly and overcast when we left. I actually had to go back in our house to look for a poncho because I was SURE it was going to rain soon. It was so cold the first hour that I thought I was going to have to go to Wal-Mart down the road and buy a long-sleeve shirt.
Well the sun came out for the next 3 hours and I didn’t think anything of it until some of the parents watching were all telling me how RED I was! =(
Obviously it hurts and I will have a horrible red/tan line for the cruise that we leave for in T-minus 12 days!!!