One of my dear friends got married this past weekend. She was the quintessential bride. She was so happy and really loves her man!
Chrissy and Ryan
Another one of my our good friends was in the wedding with her husband so they got to walk down the isle together after the ceremony!!
Gretchen and AJ
Brad and I at the Indianapolis Yacht Club (reception).
Me and the beautiful bride (yea she is tiny and I’m quite tall).
Someone went a little crazy with the garter!;)
Gretchen’s husband followed a trend the groomsmen were doing. They were getting so hot that they were taking off their shirts, but the yacht club obviously wouldn’t let them walk around shirtless, so they put their vests back on. You can see how classy this party was and how much we loved it just by the expressions in this photo!
Me trying to Cha Cha..
Gretchen’s twin brother dancing with the bride and he was amazing at this Michael Jackson song!!
We had fun and got a TON of wildflower seeds and daisy seeds so next year I hope to not have to buy too many plants for around the deck we will be building.