I thought that quitting my job two months ago would be for the best. Both Brad and myself know that I need a job soon or someone is going to go to the padded wall room (most likely me). I never in my wildest dreams thought that staying at home 24/7 was going to be awful, teeth-pulling, agonizing pain. Yup. It is. I guess this is a good test for me to see if I could be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Nope, can’t do it, sorry.
I really liked that as a kid, I would get off the bus and be home alone (of course when I was old enough) and wait for my mom to get home. I am a firm believer in “distance makes the heart grow fonder” especially since Brad and I went through a rough phase that we won’t dive into right now where we broke up and lived 2 hours apart. Obviously we got back together and we are both very grateful for that.
I don’t believe that I got to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree to sit at home and watch Veggie Tales or The Backyardigans with my toddler and clean the house. Not to be stereotypical, but what the hell else to SAHM’s do all day?! I mean, I go grocery shopping, cook dinner most nights and clean my house and I did it all (before) WHILE holding a 45-50 hour per week job!
Let’s not dive into that quite yet. Let’s wait until I do have a child and see how I feel then.
It sucks being jobless and there are so few to come by. I even have been applying for front desk reps at doctor’s offices because yes, I am that desperate. I did find out they get paid really well and I can live with that. The job is an easy, no-brainer, non-physical position that would be prefectly easy to do while being pregnant.
Remember the “BIG NEWS” I had to share? It’s not so .. anymore. No, it wasn’t the baby-making news. It was supposed to be that I got a job as an exercise physiologist at a local rehab hospital. My friend, Chrissy (that just got married), was there and quit because she is going back to OT school to get her Master’s. Lucky her! Well she said that Alyssa (the person I interviewed with and who would essentially be my boss) said she wasnted and chose ME to fill the position. I waited two long weeks and nothing. I called HR and she said they have an “internal process” they have to go through before hiring someone.
Another week goes by and I call her again because she promised to call at the end of the previous week. She gives me a different story and tells me now that there is an internal applicant (who Chrissy informs me the patients hate, he shows up late or not at all 90% of the time, and is very overly confident in an annoying kind of way). Yes, go ahead and hire him because you have absolutely no judge of character. What are they thinking even considering him!?
Anyways I tell her that I NEED TO KNOW whether or not I should be applying for other jobs and what to tell other employers if they offer me something. She said last Tuesday (like 9 days ago), “I’ll call you tomorrow to let you know.” Have I heard from her since? No. Have I left another voicemail? Yes. I really don’t want to work for them if they are going to be this irresponsible and take their sweet time doing things. Who knows how they even treat the employees that actually DO get hired.
That’s the end of my rant..
I failed to mention that this past weekend I went to the store with Evan’s mom and we got some food for lunch on Saturday. I decided that watermelon was a great side dish to hamburgers. Good side dish, yes, in portion control. I ate half of a HUGE watermelon and not even realizing it until I couldn’t eat the rest of the day because my stomach literally expanded into a huge, hard ball. When we got home, I couldn’t resist .. again .. and bought a big watermelon. I just can’t stop eating it. It’s so addicting, especially since I know that I won’t be able to eat it soon.
I really need a job to keep myself busy and out of the fridge all day.