Remember my weight loss plan? Well the cruise didn’t help matters much and when I got home I was completely SHOCKED beyond belief that I was in the 200’s (and last weigh-in a few weeks ago I was in the 180’s). I’ve never been in that weight range nor do I ever want to be. I worked my butt off on the elliptical doing what I could these past three days and I’m back under 200 thankfully! I think that was just the kick in the rear end that I needed. Now I’m more determined than ever to watch what I’m eating and exercise more.
Me (on left) with my old roomie Camille on Halloween 2006 I believe. Four years ago I looked like this … SKINNY!
And here is the worst picture of me ever .. belly fat and all .. today. I see a BIG difference (especially since the clothes I wore 4+ years ago don’t even go over my hips anymore).
Last night (since I’m a night owl) I was up late and wanted a snack so instead of eating something sugary or bad for me I opted to cut up an apple with a little peanut butter. Then I drank water the rest of the night so that helped as well. I think water will become my new best friend. Sorry sweet tea, you’re out and water is in!
Also I want to get my bike tires fixed before it’s too cold to bike so I can bike with my friend that lives close by. Brad wants to get a bike too. Maybe I’ll ask my parents to get him one for Christmas.