Remember the other day when I was pretty sad about being in the 200’s. Well I’m back down to 194.5 pounds!! WOOHOO!! I have been just doing the elliptical for 30 minutes (minimum) daily for the past 4 days straight. It’s slowly becoming an obsession and I’m actually getting used to it.
For example, I was on the elliptical for about 29 minutes when this awesome workout-song came on my iPhone and voila! I was on there another 3 minutes or so. I think good music and surroundings help. If I am at the gym, I don’t want to look like a wuss and get on, 10 mins, then get off. Also I like to push myself harder when at the gym because I am very competitive .. even if they wouldn’t care in the least. 😉
Let’s hope that gym I applied and interviewed with is looking to hire me .. asap.

UPDATE: weigh-in Friday morning: 192lbs. I hope it continues to be this easy but I know it won’t. A girl can dream, right!?