When we finally left port we decided to go up top and wave Miami goodbye.
But not without a drink in our hands (mine were all non-alcoholic). I’m not much of a drinker. 😉
I think everybody on the ship wanted to be up top at this point since it was fun, there was music and great photo ops.
Bye, for now, South Beach! PS – Isn’t SB amazingly beautiful!!??
The gorgeous first sunset.
My fav .. CREME BRULEE!!!! They only had it one night. I knew I should’ve asked for seconds. Haha.
First towel animal .. seal? I sure hope so (Yes, I have a pervy mind, get over it).
Later that night they were showing Sherlock Holmes as the midnight movie on the big screen. I watched about 3/4 of it and was trying to not fall asleep the entire time. Not sure if it was the movie or the boat rocking me to sleep.
Next morning we got up early for breakfast and to explore the ship.
We didn’t arrive at the Bahamas until 11am so when we finally got there, it was already mid-day.
Some of the neat landscaping on the way into the channel where we had to dock our tender boat. A tender boat, for those non-cruisers, is a teeny tiny boat that holds maybe 80 people and brings you from the ship to the shore. This happens when the shore is too shallow or there isn’t a huge dock for the cruise ship to tie up to.
Our first and last picture at Half Moon Cay!! =(
Brad cut his foot on a conch (pronounced conk) shell in the water and we had to go to the nurses station on shore. They told us he might have to get stitches but that we needed to get back on the ship asap to visit the doc there. Luckily no stitches but he did bust it back open a few times and it’s so deep it takes a while (and a lot of blood) to stop bleeding.
This one is for you, KJ. I know how much you love when someone mis-spells something. I about died when I saw “shrimps” on the menu. Shrimp – singular and plural.
Then since there wasn’t anything left to do after visiting the infirmary (Brad was banned from all water .. even shower water .. on that toe for another 3 days) we decided it was eating time.
Then we needed some R&R on our balcony. If you cruise, I highly suggest a balcony room. Just don’t get it on the floor directly above the teen disco. It made for some unhappy, sleepless nights.
Our amazing tablemates, Amber and Dave!
I thought this was a stingray but we got that the next night. Any guesses on what animal this is?
And finally to end the second night we went to learn the Thriller Dance and it was AWESOME!!
The next two days were: A Day at Sea & St. Thomas, USVI.