Thursday nights in the fall and winter are huge nights for me. No, really! I get more couch-to-tv time than any other day of the week. It signifies the end of the week and only one more work day until the weekend!! That is, when I did have a job. Either way I get to spend time pretending to be a cast member of these shows and getting so emotional I cry about every third episode.
My favorite show of all time (that I could watch the reruns forever and still not get bored of it)? FRIENDS! I think they went out gracefully even though I’m sure they could have done at least one more season.
My first premiere tonight? The Office, of course! This is by far the funniest show on television. Okay, well maybe Tosh.0 is funnier, but it’s a different kind of funny. At any rate, if you haven’t started watching the office .. religiously .. then I think you aobviously aren’t from this planet! No offense, but it’s everwhere so get on board The Office train and start watching! ASAP!
Next up was Grey’s Anatomy. I know some people have a love/hate relationship with this show (especially because they always kill a main character off every season). STOP DOING THAT PEOPLE!!! Think of the show Friends. Nobody was cut off the show for leaving town, having kids, a job, etc. They just got paid $1 million per episode (each), that’s all! 😉 Well, back to this show. I love Grey’s Anatomy because it’s full of drama. I hate drama in my own life and haven’t had any in years and years (thank you Brad, my husband, for no drama lol). Since I don’t have my own drama it helps me to get a little scandal in my life through this show.
Now if you want real scandal, watch Private Practice. This show has GOT TO BE written by the writer’s of Grey’s Anatomy. If you like Grey’s, you will love Private Practice too! It’s the same type of show and the same type of drama. They really picked a great cast for this show, too. Everyone is very convincing of their characters. So much so that if I saw any of them on the street I would be tempted to give advice to them based on their characters on the show. Haha.
New shows? Outsourced!! I watched it and even though it wasn’t as funny as the office, I think I might watch for a few more episodes to see where it goes. There can only be so much comedy about a show based in India though. Okay, haha, they have accents. Okay, it’s pretty funny when they pretend to talk in the American accent. This show is based out of a call center (and the call center cafeteria). Now the office always does a good job of actually doing funny things .. not work .. and it has been a success even though 98% of the time they are in the office. If this show ends up like that, great. I can’t see it happening though. Try again NBC but thanks anways.