It’s finally fall!! And it actually feels like it (no more 90-degree scorching hot weather). I love the fall but unfortunately the only thing I have to look forward to after the holidays is snow, snow and more snow. At least I have my pumpkins for now…
If you bake or cook at all, you know what that is I’m holding. Nope, not just any pumpkin! It’s a pie pumpkin. I bought two at Meijer for $2 a piece. I WILL successfully make pumpkin puree this year! I know what I need to do now that I didn’t last year and thankfully I learned from my mistake (and awful pie) last year. I’m so excited!
Also since it’s getting much colder out and I haven’t purchased anything “new” recently, I decided to make a trip to Old Navy for new sweaters. I found this sweater below and the black long-sleeve as well as another striped long-sleeve.

Guess how much I paid? UNDER THIRTY BUCKS! Yup! I was very excited. The two long-sleeves were around $3.20 and the sweater was $20. I’m so proud of my bargain-hunting skills I’ve developed over the years. Also, I bought a $30 sweater at Eddie Bauer. I couldn’t help myself, it was marked down from $70!!

And finally a shot of my two favorite guys in the entire world! My hubs, Brad, and our baby Cato. He really does think he is a baby .. or at least 50 pounds lighter than he really is. 83 pounds on your lap isn’t good for anyone involved.