When is your birthday? Mine is in February aka blizzard-season aka I-can-never-have-a-pool-party aka Thanks Mom (not). It’s not all bad to have your birthday in February because I am one of those people that hates their birthday and really tries not to celebrate it. Unfortunately for me, my husband has an impeccable memory.
Here is what my birthday usually looks like:
And here is what my husband’s usually looks like (okay a little exaggeration):

No his birthday doesn’t really look like South Beach, but it is very hot and pretty. Lucky for me, though, my husband’s birthday is in August; exactly 6 months and 1 day before mine. It’s good because it helps me to remember it and also I actually feel like getting out of the house because I won’t need to use a snow shovel to get where we are going. 😉
So when is everyone else’s birthdays? Do you like it or hate it (the season, that is)? Brad likes his birthday in the summer so he wanted to have our first baby in the summer. I totally think it’s a great idea for the pool-party reason, but his theory is that we are only having boys and that’s the perfect time to be born for Little League. He does love baseball.