I can barely remember why I started this blog in the first place. Recently I have just been babbling on about my boring life, but I finally remembered that I started this to share our progress on our new home, updates and the “foreclosure story.” So far what we all have learned is:
1. Brad and I will NEVER EVER buy a foreclosure again (too much hassle and work).
2. 3,300 square feet is a LOT of rooms to clean.
3. With only my husband having a job, all of our updating projects (aka the gross, stained carpet replacement downstairs) have come to a screeching halt.
4. (non-house related) We may or may not be “trying” if you know what I mean.
Speaking of which, I have been wanting to hang these curtains I stole took with us from our first home. I knew I wanted them in the baby’s guest room so on Friday we went to BBB and bought a little $30 curtain rod. If you don’t already know, BBB takes their 20% off coupons all year round. I actually used one from last Christmas that expired 1/2010. She didn’t even look at it. SCORE!
Above is the final project, that I might add I did completely by myself! I probably would have needed Brad if it wasn’t screwed into a stud (for some reason wall anchors and I don’t get along .. at all).
Below is the close-up of the curtain rod. We didn’t find one that we absolutely had to have, but this one we had in our old house so we thought it would be cute. Okay, that is a lie; I thought it would be cute and I had to get Brad on board.

Ironically I think this is the same curtain rod and the same exact color paint. The woman that decorated had AMAZING taste at our first house. So much so that I planted all the same plants in our front yard from that house. I had a blank slate with pretty much everything here so why not!?
On another side note, my mom is moving and putting her house up for sale. She has a ton of leftover carpet so we are taking some of that and putting it in the garage for winter! Anyone else want some?
Also, I took a box of her leftover backsplash tiles and she probably has enough that Brad and I could do a backsplash on our center island! I’m such a bargain-hunter! LOL