Welcome to San Juan, Puerto Rico. In my opinion, this was the worst stop and the most boring. I would never come back here unless I was actually doing some kind of prepaid tour (ah hem.. Bacardi Factory Tour). This was another place we decided to not do a tour and boy do we regret it!!
Although beautiful, it was still boring. We roamed the streets looking for places to shop…

Of course we found the Golden Arches, but Brad didn’t want to eat there. I mean, how many people can really say that they’ve eaten McDonald’s in Puerto Rico?

The streets were very narrow, but very pretty.

We did find a tattoo place (I was looking for new plugs since my ears are gauged). Of course they had one pair, metal, ugly, that were one size too big. FIGURES! I guess it’s only in America where the gauging is popular.

We did find some other beautiful government buildings. I can’t remember what these are.

And of course we had to see what the “Penny Vendors” were offering. I did find a pretty, bright-red necklace but I couldn’t think of anything I would wear it with. Oh well.

Oh how this monument reminds me of home (the circle downtown).

This was a really cool looking tree! It looked like the roots were out of the ground.

One more picture before getting back on board .. at NOON. Like I said, it was pretty boring and the shops really sucked.

So we went back on board and went to play in the cornhole tournament and WON!!!! YAYY!! Of course I can never play as good as I did on board .. at home. Why? I have no idea. I think the rocking of the boat helped. ;p

Bye, bye PR! You won’t be missed!

And then at dinner, our waiter danced with a plate on top of his head. It was quite entertaining.

We dressed up in old fashioned clothes with our tablemates.

We went to the disco to join our fellow “White Team” members to learn about a ship-wide contest.

This was our team sign .. W .. for White Team. LOL “When I say White, you say Team…. WHITE”
Yes, that was our team chant. I think the Blue Team had the best chant: “BLUE, there it is!” (just like the woop, there it is song)

And the guys did Karaoke. As you can see we had to dress in white (we obviously didn’t get the memo) but the rest of our team decided to wear our bathrobes from our staterooms. It was very entertaining.

Only two more whole days on the ship and we’re home. =)