My husband loves to fish. He isn’t to the point where it’s obsessive (and he has indicated he doesn’t want it to get to that point either). Thankfully he doesn’t have the compulsive nature of his dad who fishes every weekend the water isn’t frozen over.
He has his dad’s old boat. It’s 70’s-yellow in color and he can be the only one to drive it because you have to know how to get the motor going. It’s only 70 horsepower (I don’t have any comparison) but he is looking into getting a much more reliable boat (which isn’t saying much because even a dingy would be more reliable) and one that also is a lot newer.
No, we didn’t win the lottery last night.
No, I still have not found a job .. unfortunately.
So I’m really not sure why he wants to buy a boat .. especially right before winter when he can’t even use it. I know that is something that he wants to teach our kids to do and just for us to be able to go out on the lake with whenever we want. He has friends that fish and I have friends that have boyfriends/husbands that fish so he really enjoys having a boat. We would get good use out of it, I’m just skeptical on the price tag since I am unemployed.
I kinda-sorta feel bad that every time we have gone out fishing together, I tend to kick his ass. 😉

That little fish may not look like much to anyone, but it’s the only fish anyone caught all day. In my eyes, that makes me the winner for that morning. Haha.
Oh and that is the first fish I caught that I actually touched. I finally got over my fear of flopping fish and biting and scales cutting my hands! WOOHOO!
This fish was only about 9-inches so it wasn’t a “keeper” but I have caught keepers before. A fish is a fish is a fish, to me anyways.