Here is a glimpse of what I had to work with the other day:
I decided to clean out a few specifically cluttered areas of the house. Nothing better to do since nobody will hire me and I have filled out all the applications for all of the jobs that are available in or around Fishers. It at least feels like I have.
Anyways, I cleaned out the “junk drawers” in the kitchen:

And I also cleared out the garage area so that it’s easier to walk back there:

We have acquired a lot of things from my mom since she is moving. Table saw, another kind of saw, air compressor, edger (that we don’t want), and more.
She still has a ton of things at her house we have yet to go pick up, like: dining room table, dining room hutch, china (eek this one makes me nervous!), two living room couches and a dresser and night stand (for guest bedrooms). Anyone have a flatbed trailer? 😉 It’s going to be lots of trips and really nerve-wrecking since I don’t want to scratch or damage the fragile stuff.