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I can barely remember why I started this blog in the first place. Recently I have just been babbling on about my boring life, but I finally remembered that I started this to share our progress on our new home, updates and the “foreclosure story.” So far what we all have learned is:
1. Brad and I will NEVER EVER buy a foreclosure again (too much hassle and work).
2. 3,300 square feet is a LOT of rooms to clean.
3. With only my husband having a job, all of our updating projects (aka the gross, stained carpet replacement downstairs) have come to a screeching halt.
4. (non-house related) We may or may not be “trying” if you know what I mean.
Speaking of which, I have been wanting to hang these curtains I stole took with us from our first home. I knew I wanted them in the baby’s guest room so on Friday we went to BBB and bought a little $30 curtain rod. If you don’t already know, BBB takes their 20% off coupons all year round. I actually used one from last Christmas that expired 1/2010. She didn’t even look at it. SCORE!
Above is the final project, that I might add I did completely by myself! I probably would have needed Brad if it wasn’t screwed into a stud (for some reason wall anchors and I don’t get along .. at all).
Below is the close-up of the curtain rod. We didn’t find one that we absolutely had to have, but this one we had in our old house so we thought it would be cute. Okay, that is a lie; I thought it would be cute and I had to get Brad on board.

Ironically I think this is the same curtain rod and the same exact color paint. The woman that decorated had AMAZING taste at our first house. So much so that I planted all the same plants in our front yard from that house. I had a blank slate with pretty much everything here so why not!?
On another side note, my mom is moving and putting her house up for sale. She has a ton of leftover carpet so we are taking some of that and putting it in the garage for winter! Anyone else want some?
Also, I took a box of her leftover backsplash tiles and she probably has enough that Brad and I could do a backsplash on our center island! I’m such a bargain-hunter! LOL
Since there are a bazillion photo’s on this post I will make it short and sweet.
Ohh yeah baby .. sexy lenoleum.
This color truly reflects the grout and tile color the best (no flash).
Step-by-step progress:
Yeah we slowly did a little tiling at a time.
Now for the not-so-fun part, grouting…
It was obvious we did too much at once instead of small batches (like you are supposed to). We learned this the hard way.
The tile grout kept drying this stark white color and I was told that grout haze remover would help to clean it off. We found out later that it was the grout and not the haze. The grout was the WRONG COLOR .. different than it indicated on the bag.
That grey color is what it looked like wet (the old, wrong colored grout) but that is the color it was supposed to be dry.
Here is the grout haze remover I purchased. Didn’t do a damn thing. I highly recommend you NOT purchase this stuff.
So we ended up having to dig up all the old grout (luckily we only grouted half of the kitchen) but that took several weeks and set us back quite a bit.
And just for the record, we bought amazing grout that was easy to mix, apply and dried the correct color and we will continue to purchase it. We now get all of our grout from Home Depot.
We have a few extra guest bedrooms and one of them had a hideous blue painted on the walls. Not only that but there was a stencil of a scary, mean, and evil-looking dragon painted on as well. Can we say creepy?! Anyways I had some extra paint from painting downstairs in the family room and decided it was time to cover up the dragon because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone having nightmares.
The best part about this story is that when I went to the paint store (to buy a small amount for an accent wall), the guy recognized me since I practically live there. I told him that I was covering up a dragon painted on the walls of our guest bedroom and he said, “A dragon? You mean like Puff the Magic Dragon?” OMG I about died laughing because when I hear the word dragon, Puff is not the first thing to come to mind. LOL
This used to be the dragon wall!! =)
It’s quite a bit more cozy in there. It feels great to have a room completed finally!!
And that little bitty TV is not hooked up to cable because none of the bedrooms (including the Master) have cable hookups. Irritating, but true. The only reason I have that little ugly TV is so I can watch video tapes since we don’t have a VCR. Remember those? Talk about back in the day.
I have been waiting to reveal this final bathroom for a very long time. We replaced any and everything in this bathroom minus the sink and toilet. Even though we don’t like the sink, it’s not wise to replace it now with something that will go out of style in 10 years if we decide to sell. Oh well.
Anyways, here are the pictures:
The transformation is a complete 360 in my opinion!!! Here is a list of the changes, in order:
~ Painted
~ Removed old lenolium flooring
~ Caulked underneath wood trim and caulked cement crack in slab floor
~ Installed ceramic tile w/sanded grout
~ Installed new quarter round
~ Caulked quarter round gaps
~ Installed junction box behind light
~ Replaced drywall and repainted/textured around light
~ Replaced old faucet
~ Replaced old bulb lighting fixture
Doesn’t sound like it would take a while .. but the caulking needs at least 24 hours to dry (two separate caulks for the slab and the trim) and then the tile adhesive needs 24 hours as does the grouting, grout sealer, etc. Everything needs to dry dry dry. Also we had a few unexpected leaks and such so we had to pull things out and back in again. It was a pain in the rear and equally annoying to look at our toilet in the family room for so long, but boy oh boy was it worth it!!
I’m so motivated to do the kitchen now, but Brad is all about some R & R.

Here is one fun thing we found, a crack in the slab. You can kinda see it underneath the wet area:

Also we found a nice (illegal) surprise lurking behind the old lights that the builder installed:
Hey .. where are we supposed to hang the new lights at?? Hmm.

Some of the things we ran into were: trim not caulked properly, cracked slab, possible mold, missing junction box behind old light kit, uneven floor and walls/trim, sink not attached correctly and the toilet was not properly sealed (we were lucky it never leaked).

Thank goodness this is over! The best part? We haven’t had a single bug in the bathroom since finishing the tile. That makes me the happiest person in the world!!

Well all week my husband has been sawing away and making all kinds of crazy noises in the garage. In our previous home there was a custom shelving unit that he really liked and wanted to build an exact replica. Well he did a fabulous job!
The width is the three shelves for this extension of the garage on Brad’s side (that he chooses to store his bass boat in). He wanted to put his new tool chest inside this shelving unit because he wanted it out of the way. Plus whenever he has his fishing buddies come over they now have a ton of space to mess with stuff in between the back of the boat and this shelving unit. 
I can’t even begin to write a tutorial on how to do this but my husband said it was very easy if you have a router with the right bit, circular saw and a few common measuring devices (level, tape measure, etc). If you really wanna know, feel free to comment and I can send directions your way.
One thing he didn’t do was wear a mask .. tisk tisk. I tried to get him to buy some but some guys are just stubborn that way. He will soon be hacking up one of his lungs (or so it sounds that way from his coughing).
When we moved in, there was an obvious patch of grass missing from the backyard. There was also this section of the fence that was pulled off of the posts. It took us a while to figure out what it was but we think it was a kids playset they took with them and there was no gate on that side of the fence so they decided to make one. Lovely. The fence isn’t in the best condition anyways. It’s definitely not worth sealing or staining. It just plain needs to be replaced in the next 1-2 years my husband estimates.
Well we nailed that section back on and there was another section where the bottom 2×4 had warped and detatched itself from the posts.
Well since Brad loves to use his tools and is such a handy guy, he decided to replace both 2×4’s.
Here he is sawing the 2×4’s off little by little. He did manage to salvage the other parts of the fence.
Well I think it looks great and hats off to our first outdoor project! Brad is still a little upset that there are little piles of snow that haven’t melted yet. He wants it to be 85 degrees, sunny, no mud on the ground, and the lakes thawed out completely. Give it time, dear.
He also had to cut back some of the 2×4’s in place against the posts in the ground because whoever built the fence didn’t do a very good job. They had one of the 2×4’s about 3.25 inches onto the post and the other only had about .75 inches of space to overlap the post. It should have been half and half. Brad fixed it though.
Personally I would like a 6 foot privacy fence for our next one but our yard is so big (0.45 acre) and that is a LOT of lumber!
When we bought our house, there was one spare bedroom that actually had the proper supports still in place and the closet-maid attached. The rest of the bedrooms looked like this:
Most even had huge holes and gauges in the walls from where they just ripped everything out of the walls. Would it not have been easier to use a drill and NOT make more work for me and Brad?
Oh well that is all behind us and the first thing I did when we moved in was patch these holes up! Well they have sat empty for a while now and it’s almost our one-month anniversary here and we desperately need storage. Brad hates that the garage looks the way it does.
By the way, we did finally get rid of the washer that was left here. A guy from work came and picked it up and I think it’s the happiest I have seen Brad in a very long time! See, we didn’t know if it worked or not. It was only 7 years old but we said Free To Anyone Who Will Take It!!
So back to the closet situation, kinda. Brad got a really nice Craftsman 3-piece tool chest for Christmas from my mom. Well, it is still in boxes in the garage and I’m sure he is just dying to get it together. So we needed somewhere to put all that junk in the garage. It’s mostly paint we are done using and holiday decorations. Enter the closet organization cubes we found at Lowe’s!!
They are a beauty right!? I absolutely love them and it is a perfect place for our games, extra stuff (cords, remotes, etc) and we even had enough room for two rows of closet maids in case we happen to have triplets (I will kill Brad .. make note of that) and need to use this room as a bedroom for whatever reason.
There it is filled with stuff. Yeah that is our Wii Drum Set and you can’t see it but our two guitars are just off to the right of that.
Next organizing step is to put the hanging clippy things (not sure what to call them) on the wall of the garage so he can hang the garden tools like the rake, pooper scooper, shovel, etc. We have it, it just needs hung up. He also has 4 shelves (and will probably need more room to expand) of fishing rod racks that hang nicely on the garage wall too. I think once the chest gets put together, those two items get hung and it warms up and I can put our porch furniture out again then it will be MUCH more roomy in there.